06 May 2013


On Sunday the 5th of May, we were greeted with a golden morning followed by clear blue skies and a light wisp of westerly winds. The morning sun kissed upon the northern face of the Garden and the annual vegies and windbreak plantings glowed a spectrum of green hues while insects buzzed above the different plant layers and the air filled with bird song, heralding the day.

The Garden was greeted by a new wave of volunteer energy working with the old hands to weave the magic of the monthly working bee. It was a hive of activity with the new mob redesigning the bed/path layout and soil building to transform the old "mandala" garden west of the ponds. 

Other folk got into interplanting around 200 annual vegies in the northern long beds, which is always a treat during this time of year. The allium bed was completely filled, following on from last Tuesday's garlic planting, while the asian greens, european brassicas, beetroot and "pick and pick again" leafy greens were pocket planted with last season's compost. 

There was also action in the food forest, with chop & drop of the northern windbreak and banna grass clumps to let light in and building soil with carbon. Also in the food forest, a keen climber who happens to be born in the year of the monkey (and also eight years old), scaled the 6m avocado tree to collect a real bounty!

The coffee machine was in full swing with Greg at the helm and a spill of people in conversation around the marquee, include the North Nowra Community Garden mob who toured the Garden then stayed for the famous feast.

It was a wonderful turn out for the lunch feast and the spread was of course splendid, with tasty assortment of organic, home made vego culinary delight. There was a fabulous energy among the beautiful tribe who gathered to connect, celebrate and share the spirit of International Permaculture Day, and "cranking the goodness". 

Pumpkin was the flavour of the feast!

Ladies of the North Nowra Community Garden Mob

Dane & Paul potting up vetiver grass

Ashley & Mal worked the front beds with style

The northern beds are looking great, great use of edge

The old Mandala garden is the new Kidney Bean garden

The day was fantastic, with plenty of laughs, smiles, great food and a good few Permaculture practices in action on International Permaculture Day 2013. 

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