20 February 2011

just a few photos

A few fun guys hanging out in the garden

A few kids as well

Tuesday arvo compost turning

The February Swap

A diverse group of swapper's enjoy a relaxing Sunday morning.

19 February 2011

Fruit & Veg Swap this Sunday 20th FEB!

Be there!
from 9am to 12 noon bring your excess fruit & vegies,  plants or gardening books etc to swap & share.
Or just come along to have a chat and coffee.

06 February 2011

Pics From todays Working Bee

The Crew hook into turning our giant compost pile

Clearing the kitchen area in preperation for placement of form work for the slab.

fun is ....... turning compost!

A visiting "Permy" from up north drops in for a visit and gets stuck in.

04 February 2011


Come "crank the goodness" with us this Sunday from 10am...

Our dedicated volunteers have been "hard at it" at the Garden after returning from their various holiday sojourns.

The Quakers held their annual gathering at Wollongong University Innovation campus earlier in January and we happily agreed to take their food waste.
We hosted 3 Quaker group garden tours over a week for the experienced organic gardeners and farmers. The final tour included the respected and celebrated Australian Permaculturalist and international community development catalyst and all round champion of social justice, Rosemary Morrow. It was an honour to meet Rowe and share our work with her and the Quaker friends.

Wednesday afternoon's "Compost Crew" saw a great opportunity to use the food waste as a valuable addition to a humble 20m3 aerobic compost heap they had been building. Summer waste lawn clippings & leaves from a local lawn mowing service, windbreak prunings, veggie plant refuse, sugar cane mulch, animal manures, various trace elements and water were some of the ingredients for the impressive "wind row" compost.
We are in the process of turning it with our "solar powered bob cat" also know as garden volunteers with shovels, forks and enthusiastic vigour!
At last, the outdoor kitchen is underway! We have started to clear the kitchen area of various weeds which have been doing a great job of pioneering the road base floor we laid over a year ago. These need to be removed before we lay the form work to pour the concrete slab.

It seems it will be an intensive working bee but be rest assured a wonderful organic spread will be laid for the tasty 1am lunch! Bring your hats, sunscreen and something for the feast and we look forward to see you there.


Hi all funky Permies and passionate organic gardeners. Shez is hosting Wollongong's first Permablitz on Saturday 12th February 2011 from 9am.

You are invited to enjoy some creative time in an amazing suburban Permaculture oasis.
Brief informal discussions identified a need amongst our network to provide assistance for "cranking the goodness" in people’s backyard gardens. What better way to unite the community with food, laughter and organic gardening "Permaculture" style while retrofitting the neighbourhood sustainably.

Shez has developed a design, organised materials and tools. The plan is to:
  • mulch the nature strip and front yard and plant out with native grasses, shrubs and trees
  • extend the chicken run under the cassurinas
  • overhaul the chicken house
  • plumb the chicken house roof to harvest water into a recycled olive barrel
  • thin and pot up sugar bananas suckers
  • prune and chop & drop mulberry and oak
A tasty home grown organic feast and refreshments will be lovingly provided.
Hope to see you from 9am on the 12th of February. Please bring hats and sunscreen.

Address: 22 Princess Hwy West Wollongong (directly opposite TIGS)
Parking is available on Highway Ave.