25 February 2009

22 February 2009

A few more pics after a week or so of rain

Here's a few more photos

11 February 2009

Harvest shot

This was the bounty we gathered on the last weekend in january. Davidson plums used to make jam. Passionfruit and eggs went into a cheescake. We ate green tomatoes in a thai-style curry. Roasted eggplants and squash and beets. Lettuce and tomatoes in salad. All yum, although the plum jam is very tart!

04 February 2009

Garden grown coffee.

Last night some of us had dinner at J&Ks. It was a great meal with most of the ingredients coming from The Garden. At the end the meal, we finished of with a small cup of coffee each, made from our own coffee trees! I was impressed by how good it tasted. Thanks Karyn.