19 March 2011

The Garden Kitchen Cafe Construction Makes A Start!

The dreaming of our Kitchen Cafe has now passed with the pouring of the footings of the posts in the welcome Autumn rains.
This Saturday morning, on the 19th of March 2011, Shez, Andrew, Damien, Todd and Aaron whipped up batches of concrete by hand and wheelbarrowed them into 3 post footings. While the skies opened up, a ton of concrete was mixed with the assistance of rain water. The research is inconclusive about the benefit of organic concrete in structural engineering, but we will keep you updated when the studies are complete.
Using the momentum of our enthusiastic volunteers we will continue to roll out further Kitchen Cafe progress on Tuesday afternoons and the fantastic monthly working bees.

08 March 2011

The Garden is Pumping!

Yes we now have a water pump! And it’s already been put to good work helping us to keep the garden going during some really extreme heat without having to resort to town water.

We can now make use of our big water tank that collects rain water from the PCYC roof much more effectively. The pump give us heaps of water pressure and watering the garden with rain water takes much less time than before.

This is all thanks to a lot of hard organising and preparation by Michael who made sure we got the best solution and prepared safe working procedures and coordinated all those involved. - Well done mate!

And of course much thanks to Frog soloutions and Apathco

Frog soloutions installed a dedicated circuit to a weather proof external double power point.

And Apathco supplied the Monza - 800W, 80L/min capacity water pump, the protective casing, piping and installed it.

See photos from the day of installation -Tony Perram and John Heslin did the install work. Thanks Heaps guys.