27 December 2011

Summer time

Hi All
Merry Christmas & happy new year!
Just a few words & pics while I get the chance
Quite a few of us are away over the Christmas & new year break but we are lucky enough that those few that will be around have volunteered to help out with our chook roster to make sure the girls are regularly fed & looked after.... so thank you.
The benefit of being around now is you get to harvest the produce that is happening right now........... like.
the zucchinis which have just started to "go off" (in a good way) over the last week & the cherry tomato's are about to go ballistic.
By the way our Avocado trees are bearing fruit for the first time.
I'm not sure how long they take to get full size, but we will be keeping an eye on them so stay tuned.
see pics below!

Hint. If you have to many Zucchinis. Slice them along with eggplants & fry them on the BBQ in olive oil (with a little garlic and chili if you like) till they are golden brown & smoky then splash on some good balsamic vinegar to taste & pack them in a jar with some more olive oil. They will keep in the fridge for a week or 2.

NEW LIFE ! Corn 27/12/11

Clearing beads & harvesting onions 4/12/11

fresh Onions

the Zucs are starting to get out of control 27/12/11

One of our first Baby Avocados! 27/12/11

14 December 2011


Seasons Greetings,

Although gardens are lush and full of vegetables this time of year, the Swap will be taking a short holiday until the New Year. We figure so many swappers have a mountain of  holiday commitments that it would be best not to heap on another.

So enjoy sharing all of that fantastic produce with family and friend and we'll meet again in the New Year for the Jan 15th Waste Not! Fruit and Veg Swap.

See you in 2012!!