We are currently working on our membership requirements.
Here is our latest proposed membership rules
Let us know what you think..

The Garden has two types of membership: active and social.

1a. Social Membership

To be a social member, an individual must:
- Complete The Garden Membership form. This form will include The Garden mission statement and values, and request next-of-kin details, any allergies or specific illnesses, and dietary requirements.
- Pay an annual $5 membership fee (or $2 concession) to The Garden (children under 18 years old are exempt)
- Complete a PCYC membership form (for insurance purposes); but payment of the annual PCYC fee is not necessary

Social members will receive:
- Email alerts of blog updates
- The opportunity to participate and learn skills in free, informal workshops held during the monthly working bees
- Permaculture advice and knowledge-sharing from our active members
1b. Active Membership

To be an active member, an individual must:
- Become a social member
- Attend three working bees
- Submit a (verbal) request for active membership
- Active membership must be approved by the active members present at the next meeting
- Once approved, the individual must pay the $25 annual PCYC membership fee
- You  must attended at least 1 meeting within three months of active membership being approved
- Over the course of a 12 month membership, an active member is required to attend a minimum of three working bees and three meetings
- If after 12 months an active member has not attended three working bees and three meetings, they revert back to being a social member

Active members will receive:
- The same benefits as social members
- The right to participate in decision making at The Garden
- Agendas and meeting minutes
- Discounts or reimbersment for certain workshops & training

2. Ending Garden Membership

A person will cease to become a member of The Garden:
- If the person dies, or
- The person resigns membership, or
- The person is expelled from the association, or
- The person fails to pay the annual membership fee within three months after the fee is due