18 May 2013


It was in 2005 that Darren, the resident WPCYC police youth officer, first recalled the arrival of a pizza oven of the Garden. He was just one of many good folk who had heard that fictional tale and waited with interest and then well, lets just say that all great enterprises take time...

That was until Friday the 17th of May 2013, where all things were to change and Dane Wilmont from Kealoha Constructions hit the garden with great enthusiasm to commence our brick pizza oven. First, an internal slab of the oven poured in the Hewitts creek sourced stone base. (The stone was traded for a case of beer to a earth moving contractor clearing the creek after a particularly heavy rainfall event in early 2005. It was ear marked for landfill, with a Green Corps team we rescued the stone then commenced on the base promptly.)
The organisation of materials and the design for the oven was then completed for the weekend push.

On Saturday, a cool group of folk headed down to try their hands at the first course of bricks while Dane facilitated with a Zen buddhist style of teacher-student dialogue. With more talk than action, the first course of bricks were eventually completed. The enthusiasm was maintained for a return on Sunday to crank the goodness again.

On Sunday, with the Swap in full swing, the Garden mob returned for more of the same... While the conversation continued and a buzz sounded around the beginnings of the brick work, the gaps in the bricks were filled with the lime mortar and the floor of the oven laid.

Other folk took the opportunity to continue with the paving, laying recycled concrete in a big mosaic style. The momentum is beginning to build with transformation of industrial waste into community space!

Dane from Kealoha Constructions

Dane briefing Cal & Sue

Greg and Dane on the first course

Some of the Garden mob

Prue buttering up the key brick

The Ando family filling the gaps on the first course

Dane & Comlan laying the second course of bricks

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