22 October 2010

Welcome to "The Twilight Zone..." (cue creepy music)

No, I'm not talking about the 80s TV series, but a bunch of "permies" taking advantage of daylight saving to get some work done at "the Garden" on Tuesday afternoons.

This week we had a good roll up & got a lot done before going  for a quite drink at the local.

Jobs included:
Digging out an old black fig tree & replacing it with a green fig.
Digging up & dividing a rare Pepper leaf plant
Planting 90 seedling
Weeding & pulling up and old escaped raspberry vine that was just starting to shoot & spread
Feeding our liquid manure bins with weeds 

New Growth!

The crew plants seedlings

Seedlings pocket planted into recently rebuilt beds

Weed on the left - Good one on the right in need to check on the names of these

Feeding one of the liquid compost bins

17 October 2010

Send us your recipes!

I planning a new page for our Blog - The Garden fresh & healthy online cook book!
We have all this wonderful produce but sometimes its easy to get stuck in a rut, using them the same way.
So send in your ideas & recipes & ill collate them into a special page for easy reference.

We Avoid the Wind & Waste Not!

Well after a wild & windy start to the weekend the weather was good to us with a perfect day for our 1st Waste Not! Swap meeting, since our winter break.

After a quiet start we ended up with a good roll up and a table full of fruit and vegies including a bucket full of custard apples, lemonade fruit, cabbages, paw paws, radishes, lettuce, oranges, mandrins, seedlings & sourdough starter!

I cranked up the coffee machine started making everything from lattés & long blacks to baby chinos – (not always in the right order) but it was a great way to get some practice & no one complained. I certainly have a bit more respect for those baristas pumping out coffees in crowded city cafes all day.

So coffee and homemade slices were available for a small donation. And as usual many conversations flowed along with it on various topics from gardening, chooks, music, and politics to recipes.

So I hope you will join us next month on the 21st November.

Thanks to John & Karyn for helping setup & pack up, our kind neighbours who let us use their power, Jason for bringing the coffee & his beautifull daugter & all those who took the time to share there produce & themselves. Just shows we that need no more than a common interest and a nice setting to create community!

13 October 2010


10 October 2010

Pics From todays Working Bee

WE had about a dozen people turn up today. Thanks we got lots done, including cut the big roll of cyclone fencing ready to extend the chook run, turned the compost heap, cleaned up all the potted plants, cleaned up the edges of the grass & lots more. We also enjoyed a great lunch including lots of fresh stuff from the garden like salad greens, carrots, beetroot, spinach & eggs.

The crew turn the compost !

Nice clean edges !
We moved the girls to help us clean up
But they didnt perfom very well.
Fresh leek
The front beds are have exploded into flower in the last week few weeks.

08 October 2010

Working Bee THIS WEEKEND!!

Hi folks! Just letting you know that the working bee that was cancelled due to rain last week has been shifted forward to this Sunday (10/10/10) . This is timely as it lands on the same day as the http://www.350.org/ campaign to act globally against Climate change.

Start time: 10am
End time: Around 4ish

Bring a plate of food if you can and lots of spring energy!!


07 October 2010

Waste Not! - Fruit & Veg Swap - Sunday 17 Oct.

The SWAP is back!
Note: We have changed
the dates to the
3rd Sunday
of each month.

same time
9am till Noon.

03 October 2010

Working Bee cancelled due to rain

Hi all you fellow garden followers.
I was hoping we could still get some things done today despite the rain but its just on 9.50am and rain is really heavy & looks like its well and truly set in for the day.
So Ill be going down to feed the chooks & happy to meet up with anyone else that's makes the effort to get there. Maybe we can go for a nice hot coffee instead!

PS don't forget to put your clocks forward

Well a few of us braved the rain and we got a few things done before it started to pour again.
Cleaned out the chook house, tidied up a lot of the old pots -( I don't think we need any more for some time), put away a bunch of old buckets & broccoli boxes. So things look a bit neater.