02 April 2012

Pics from Jan 2012 one of our Tuesday evenings at the garden

Hows this for a good use of community space
Gardening, Martial Arts & Rugby league all happening at once at the PCYC.
There was lots of rain in January
so it was good to finally get a chance to do some gardening.

After working in the garden we share out the food.

Pics from the April 1st Garden Gathering

The weather was perfect and we had a small but productive crew on hand to:
Clean out the chook house,
Prune the wind break to let some autumn / winter sunlight into the food forest
Clear the grass that was overtaking out sand and grave heap
Watering the garden and nursery
Clear & rebuild some some beds ready for planting.

part of the winbreak trimed to let winterlight onto the coffee and citrus

Kids of all ages helping out

adding water and molasses to the no dig beds  
And as usual a great Lunch !