04 November 2012

Working Bee & Celebration Lunch ON today

4th November Come along

06 October 2012


As you may have heard the SWAP has been put on hold.

The Garden members recognise the importance of this great community event and are endeavouring to organise resources to get this going again and while a number of members have already put their hand up to help, this probably won’t be practical until early 2013 due to various other commitments. 

So please stay tuned for updates.

If you want to see the SWAP to continue & you are willing to help please register your interest on facebook or via email.

I’d like to publicly acknowledge John & Karyn … the instigators & organisers of the SWAP up to this point.  They managed to create and successfully run a real grass roots, fun, community & social event.

It’s unfortunate that they cannot continue being involved, but we understand that the growing demand on their time by their business has made it impractical.

For those who don’t know, John & Karyn run a  “Fresh Cane Juice” stall at many of the Sydney and Illawarra markets. So next time you are at a market track them down, say g’day! & try their juice.

On behalf of everyone that have enjoyed the SWAP I would like to say a big "Thank you" to John & Karyn .

13 September 2012

Sorry No Fruit & Veg SWAP until further notice.

Hi all you swapers - Sorry to say that the FRUIT & VEG SWAP has been postponed until further notice.

John & Karyn have been doing a wonderful job organising this over the last few years but due to other commitments etc they are having to step away from running the SWAP.

So I just want to say a really big THANK YOU to John & Karyn... 

Hopefully some others will step in to fill the gap.
We need at least 2 other people along with me - willing to
Turn up, Set up & Pack up
Plus meet & greet, have lots of conversations and share a few coffees and cakes
every 3rd Sunday.

12 August 2012

beware Legumes in progress!



peas at the back broad beans in front bed 4/6/12

Broadbeens poking through front bed 10/6/12


Broad beans at the front & the first few flowers on the peas 16/6/12

close up of broad beans





03 August 2012

Working Bee 5th August All welcome.

Hi All.. We had a great turn out last month.
We got a lot of work done. So "Thanks"
to everyone that turned up & helped out.

It was a very pleasant day & great to catch up with all the regulars & to meet lots of new people. As usual we had excellent lunch care of The Garden & all the wonderful & various food people brought along.

So we hope you can all make it again this coming Sunday.

And to anyone that hasn't been for a while.... or any one that hasn't been before
don't be shy. We would love to see at the garden again.

We plan to have the coffee machine operating again - so bring some spare change along with you if you would like a coffee.  

Greg. (maddog)

07 July 2012


Hi just letting you know the WASTE NOT Fruit & Veg SWAP
will NOT be on during JULY & AUGUST

The swap crew are having a bit of a break over the cooler months.

So the next swap will be in September..

14 June 2012

We now have a FACEBOOK page

We now have a facebook page -
Check it out & like us at

Waste Not Fruit & Veg SWAP Sunday 17 June

Waste Not Fruit & Veg SWAP this Sunday 17 June
at THE GARDEN 9 til Noon
Bring your surplus fruit, vegetables, seeds, seedling, books & magazines to swap or share with others while you enjoy organic coffee at our outdoor cafe.

04 June 2012

The Garden is hosting a presentation & discussion about Earthships

Rachel Goldlust will talking about the revolutionary & sustainable building system known as Earthship Biotecture

DATE: Tuesday 19th June 6pm for a 6.30pm Start

LOCATION: Corrimal Community Center in the Lilly Pilly Room next to the Library
15 Short Street Corrimal.

Coffee, tea & cakes etc will also be on offer for a small donation.

LIMITED SEATING - So booking required !

You can book via our facebook page:
or send an email to:

02 June 2012

Working Bee SUNDAY June the 3rd

Join us at the Garden form 10am

18 May 2012

New Life

Hi All,
My first comment on the blog....bit nervous.....

Shirley (Stop Coal Seam Gas Legendary Shirley) and I planted seeds on Tuesday after chasing chooks with Doug - cheeky girl was crouched down in the furtherest eastern corner.  We planted coriander, garlic chives, rocket, beetroot, cauliflower, climbing snow peas and cos lettuce.  We used all new seeds as our last planting trialled out of date seeds from the little shed, but out of date was true to its words. Following Ange's advice, will plant some of these seeds early next week according to the biodynamic cycle.  I expect these seedlings to be stronger.

We put all of the Tuesday plantings on top of the soil/compost bins to try to catch a bit of sun and will move them today into the mandala space on the rickety table to ensure more warmth.

On Tuesdays, we enjoy the company of some Mums and their little ones (from the PCYC) who are always very excited to chat to the chooks, admire their home and seek out the plump pumpkins, among other things.  Last Tuesday they took great delight in sweeping the beautiful mosaics.  It's become a very special place for them.

In the Nursery, I put a poem on the moon by William Blake to inspire us.  Also in plastic sleeves on a rafter, are some photocopies on some basics of biodynamics - please feel free to borrow. I'm in the process of learning too.

Share the goodness.

2oth of May Autumn WASTE NOT! SWAP 9am till Noon

Early Autumn Greetings,

The weather looks fine so Waste Not! Swap will be happening this Sunday for 9am-12pm down at the Garden.
We will be doing the usual fruit, veg, plant, seed swapping and coffee consuming. I'm bringing a few potted cardamon gingers so if you are into interesting smelling plants, don't arrive too late!

See you there.


John Marsh
Waste Not! Fruit and Veg Swap

16 May 2012

13 May 2012

Hi garden gnomes and fairies - hope you all had a lovely weekend. The mountain of mulch has arrived, Fran and I climbed it, wheeled a fair bit to the NW corner, but the mountain still looms large and  the photo shows a very exhausted Fran, late on Saturday afternoon! See you soon!

08 May 2012

Pics of May Garden Gathering...

High Level discussions ........ .:-}

Wilma & Ange prepare lunch

The Girls have been hard at it!
North West corner get the cardboard treatment before Mulch arrives

Sue makes sure the guys are doing it right

Home grown Soil!

02 May 2012

Monthly Garden Gathering Sunday 6th May

Hi all
There's lots on this weekend but there will be a few of us at The Garden to have a bit of fun, do some gardening and of course and to share some food and conversation over lunch.

We kick off at 10am and go till we feel like we have had enough - normally around 2pm

But feel free to just come spend whatever  time you can to help out or just drop in to say hi or  share some lunch with us.

02 April 2012

Pics from Jan 2012 one of our Tuesday evenings at the garden

Hows this for a good use of community space
Gardening, Martial Arts & Rugby league all happening at once at the PCYC.
There was lots of rain in January
so it was good to finally get a chance to do some gardening.

After working in the garden we share out the food.

Pics from the April 1st Garden Gathering

The weather was perfect and we had a small but productive crew on hand to:
Clean out the chook house,
Prune the wind break to let some autumn / winter sunlight into the food forest
Clear the grass that was overtaking out sand and grave heap
Watering the garden and nursery
Clear & rebuild some some beds ready for planting.

part of the winbreak trimed to let winterlight onto the coffee and citrus

Kids of all ages helping out

adding water and molasses to the no dig beds  
And as usual a great Lunch !

27 March 2012

Next Garden Gathering Sunday April 1st !

No fooling........... it's really on !
So put on your gardening gear, pack something yummy to share for lunch and join the crew down at the garden  - from 10am Sunday the 1st of April.

18 March 2012

The Sun is Out & the SWAP is on

Waste Not fruit & vegi Swap is on today at the Garden from 9 till 12

31 January 2012

Garden Gathering this weekend - 5th Feb

From 10am  if the weather is OK
See you there.

30 January 2012

Name these plants










2 Feverfew (anacetum parthenium)
A small perennial shrub, feverfew grows to around 80cm tall. It has green, much divided leaves (though a golden-leafed form does exist.) Flowers are small with yellow centres and there is an attractive double-flowered form.
Choose a semi-shaded location that is well-drained. While the plant is a perennial, it is often grown as an annual because it self-seeds so readily. In the Garden we have not found it to do this, but rather propagating it from root and stem has proved successful. Plant seed in autumn or in spring. Cut established plants down in autumn and they will reshoot in spring.
Feverfew is an old medicinal plant, used to treat fevers, arthritis, migraines and menstruation problems. The flowers can be steeped in hot water to make an insecticidal tea that can be safely sprayed on garden plants and vegetables. Like pyrethrum, it can affect good insects such as bees, so use in the evening.

3 Cork oak (Quercus suber)
Can grow 20 meters, and is an evergreen. The thick and knobbly dark grey bark which covers it is the portion known as “cork.” It is a sustainable and renewable timber product. Cork oak has been produced commerically for component of life jackets, fishing nets and insulation equipment as well as its traditional role as corks in bottles. Cork oaks were planted around early district properties and corks dangling from the brims of the hats of jackaroos and swagmen typify the outback Australian.

4 Amaranth
There are around 60 species of amaranthus, including weeds, leaf vegetables, grain crops and ornamentals. Many have large, colourful leaves and tassel-like flower spikes. Jackie French thinks amaranthus is the most spectacularly beautiful and useful plant that you'll ever find in the vegetable garden.
Amaranthus tricolor (syn A. gangeticus, A. oleraceus)
Also known as leaf amaranth, edible amaranth or Chinese spinach. The young leaves have a sweet, tangy flavour, and cooked leaves can be added to salads, soups and stir-frys. (Note: fresh leaves should not be eaten very often, as they are high in nitrates and oxalic acid.) Young shoots are peeled, steamed and then eaten. Ornamental varieties, such as 'Joseph's Coat' and 'Flaming Fountain', are grown as bedding plants.

5. Asian mustard green

6. Asthma plant (chamaesyce hirta)

7. Avocado

8. Wilde Betel leaf - Piper sarmentosum

9 Climbing spinach

10 Wampi Malaysian citrus
Handsome foliage evergreen tree grown for Summer ripe fruit with grape like flesh. Popular in S.E Asian gardens.
Fruit rich in vitamin C that is grown popularly in Asian back yards - originally from Thailand.
FEATURES: Large lobed, bright green foliage which is aromatic when crushed forms a tall slender tree. Sprays of white flowers become loose clusters of brownish fruit. Thin crisp skins split easily and the grape-like greenish flesh can be eaten directly seeds and all.

26 January 2012

Inspiration from Tasmania

Tasmania has been referred to the spiritual home of Permaculture, as it was on the slopes of Mt Wellington, overlooking Hobart, that Bill Mollison and David Holmgren were to co-create Permaculture One in the mid 1970's
The Garden's design principles were directly influenced by Bill Mollison's Permaculture: A Designers' Manual, so it was no surprise in a January visit to beautiful Tasmania, Permaculture practices were in action.

A late afternoon in the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens...
Apple tree espalier without wire support

Weighing down of apple tree branches with sand bags

Herb roof tool shed

Woven stick edging for retaining soil in the herb bed

Microclimate: bananas growing against a north facing brickwall

Around the sleepy village of Deloraine...

Self serve roadside organics

Bee boxes in the Manuka (tea tree) forests of the Tarkine

Ancient Myrtle forest of the Julius River (temperature rainforest)

When you can draw clean water from the rivers and creeks all over the island, purchase all your seasonal fresh organic produce from roadside stalls and find tranquil, pristine natural beauty every night to camp, you just may have discovered paradise.

13 January 2012

Waste Not! Fruit and Veg Swap 15th JAN

Happy New Year!

Ring in the Green New Year by attending the 1st Waste Not! Fruit and Veg Swap of 2012: This Sunday Jan 15 from 9am-12pm at the Garden @ PCYC Wollongong.

We will be swapping the usual (and always unusual) assortment of fruit, veg, seeds, seedlings and growing info along with freshly brewed coffee and sweets.

See you there.

Waste Not! Fruit and Veg Swap

The Garden at PCYC Wollongong