06 October 2012


As you may have heard the SWAP has been put on hold.

The Garden members recognise the importance of this great community event and are endeavouring to organise resources to get this going again and while a number of members have already put their hand up to help, this probably won’t be practical until early 2013 due to various other commitments. 

So please stay tuned for updates.

If you want to see the SWAP to continue & you are willing to help please register your interest on facebook or via email.

I’d like to publicly acknowledge John & Karyn … the instigators & organisers of the SWAP up to this point.  They managed to create and successfully run a real grass roots, fun, community & social event.

It’s unfortunate that they cannot continue being involved, but we understand that the growing demand on their time by their business has made it impractical.

For those who don’t know, John & Karyn run a  “Fresh Cane Juice” stall at many of the Sydney and Illawarra markets. So next time you are at a market track them down, say g’day! & try their juice.

On behalf of everyone that have enjoyed the SWAP I would like to say a big "Thank you" to John & Karyn .

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