18 May 2012

New Life

Hi All,
My first comment on the blog....bit nervous.....

Shirley (Stop Coal Seam Gas Legendary Shirley) and I planted seeds on Tuesday after chasing chooks with Doug - cheeky girl was crouched down in the furtherest eastern corner.  We planted coriander, garlic chives, rocket, beetroot, cauliflower, climbing snow peas and cos lettuce.  We used all new seeds as our last planting trialled out of date seeds from the little shed, but out of date was true to its words. Following Ange's advice, will plant some of these seeds early next week according to the biodynamic cycle.  I expect these seedlings to be stronger.

We put all of the Tuesday plantings on top of the soil/compost bins to try to catch a bit of sun and will move them today into the mandala space on the rickety table to ensure more warmth.

On Tuesdays, we enjoy the company of some Mums and their little ones (from the PCYC) who are always very excited to chat to the chooks, admire their home and seek out the plump pumpkins, among other things.  Last Tuesday they took great delight in sweeping the beautiful mosaics.  It's become a very special place for them.

In the Nursery, I put a poem on the moon by William Blake to inspire us.  Also in plastic sleeves on a rafter, are some photocopies on some basics of biodynamics - please feel free to borrow. I'm in the process of learning too.

Share the goodness.


  1. This is wonderful Sue :) Will be sure to read the poem by William Blake when I am next in the nursery. Love your enthusiasm! Michael