25 January 2009

Tomato Bottling

With a bumper crop from one of the school gardens, we needed to preserve them so they wouldn't go to waste. So with the help of Lou & Silvana (Ill need to check the spelling) we all gather to do some tomato sauce bottling the traditional Italian way. It was a great day despite the heat. (strong westerly blew all day until the southerly change hit just as were were about to leave.)

Pic 1. Aaron fills container of tomatoes with water so they are clean for chopping up.

Pic 2. The tomatoes are cut and inspected. Any bad bits get put aside.

Pic 3 How many tomatoes have these hands cut?

Pic 4

Pic 5 Lou sets up the grinder

Pic 6 Tomatoes in the top sauce out the bottom

More to come.....

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