11 January 2009

daily log

Just playing with some of the gadgets it all seems OK but would like to have have photo albums as part of this site instead of linking to another??

Also want a calendar that I can add appointments etc I'm sure there is one just need to find it.

Went to "The Garden" around 6pm waited til it was a bit cooler has been Sunny & hot all day with a strong Noreaster wind but by 6 the clouds had come over and looks lake a change on the way.
Checked the visitors book & noones been here today So I let the chooks out for a run.. they love it and are really active, good to see them back in a good state. Watered the Nursery.. Planned to dig up the Lemon & Vetiva grass (behind keyhole bed) to divide it up & plant some out the front. but buy the time I water the tomatos & beens and do a bit of tiodying up of the pathways its time be home for dinner. Just starting to rine lightly as I leave Then we get a bit of steady rain for an hour or so.
Heres some photos I took the other day.

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