10 September 2014

Edible Mushroom Cultivation Workshop Details

The workshop will be run over 2 days
on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of October Run by Will Borowski and hosted by "The Garden northgong " 

NOTE NOW to be held at Cringila Public Schools kitchen garden.


Will Borowski is the owner and operator of forest fungi, teaching Aussies how to grow gourmet mushrooms and selling most of the supplies you need. He has an extensive mushroom culture library and comprehensive courses that communicates complex information for beginner to advanced mushroom growers...to get and keep all enthusiasts on their way.

Day 1: You will learn how to:
• cultivate gourmet mushrooms,
• make a still air box for mushroom cultivation
• how to make and transfer mushroom onto agar
• make grain spawn
• make sawdust spawn
• make dowel spawn

Day 2:  You will learn how to:
• use grain spawn to grow Oyster mushrooms
• grow King Oysters in a bucket
• supplemented sawdust bags for species including: shiitake, pioppino, oysters and others
• make dowels for shiitake logs and other gourmet mushroom log cultivation 

Morning tea and lunch will be included

The cost for the full 2 days is $350

or if you book and pay before the 18th Sept it's only $300 

It's also possible to do a single days for $200

Any profits will go to The Garden Note: Places are limited 

To register please send an email with your details to:
with a heading of "Mushroom Workshop" so we can easily spot it. 

Included in your fee
You will walk away from this course with over $500 worth of mushroom cultivation supplies, including:
  • Inspiration and a head full of information to ensure you can grow gourmet mushrooms in your own backyard!
  • Comprehensive course notes to support your ongoing learning at home
  • Inoculated shiitake log
  • Propagated delicious oyster mushroom bag – ready to eat 
  • Inoculated shiitake plugs
  • Inoculated grain spawn
  • Agar plates for further propagation at home,
  • Exclusive membership to the Forest Fungi Culture Club receiving discounts on mushroom cultures, and most importantly
  • Ongoing support and guidance from Will Borowski through email and/or the Culture Club chat room

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