20 January 2011

Mass planting

This Tuesday evening about 7 of us gathered at the garden after work & planted about 120 seedlings in about an hour.
Lettucs cos and a red coral style
Bok Choy
Pak choy
English spinach
They were planted in our no dig beds, each getting a handful of our own compost, well watered in and given some of our home made liquid fertiliser to help them settle in.
I called in the next morning on the way to work happy to see they had all survived the night I was worried
the snails might have had a party.
Thursday afternoon stopped in and some of the crew were hard at it, watering and pottering around. We brushed off the tiny eggs that the dreaded white moths had already laid. There had been a few miner casualties due to snails overnight but otherwise all is good. We should try some snail beer traps.

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  1. Nice pictures Greg!! The garden is looking wonderful.. And how bout you your cameo appearance on ABC local radio today! Gotta love those cherry tomatoes!!