07 November 2010

Another Fantastic Working Bee

The weather was perfect and the people came............
The main mission today was to clean up our junk pile - a collecion of wood, wire, rocks and other material we hope will be useful.

But up until now its been a constant battle to keep it weed free and tidy.

So today we attacked it and managed to clear the whole area, tossing out the wood that had rotten, using the logs & tree limbs around the fruit trees to protect them from our scratching chooks & to encourage beneficial bacteria & fungui into the soil around the fruit trees.

The larger solid wood we will use to burn in our pizza oven, was tucked away out of sight in a protected area. The comfry boarders were cut back and the leaves used in comfry tea mix for later use.
And some new paths were made into the Mandela bed.

The Junk Pile half way cleared

Afer a few hours work is almost clear

Lunch is prepeared from garden produce & various contibutions

Lunch is served!

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