22 October 2010

Welcome to "The Twilight Zone..." (cue creepy music)

No, I'm not talking about the 80s TV series, but a bunch of "permies" taking advantage of daylight saving to get some work done at "the Garden" on Tuesday afternoons.

This week we had a good roll up & got a lot done before going  for a quite drink at the local.

Jobs included:
Digging out an old black fig tree & replacing it with a green fig.
Digging up & dividing a rare Pepper leaf plant
Planting 90 seedling
Weeding & pulling up and old escaped raspberry vine that was just starting to shoot & spread
Feeding our liquid manure bins with weeds 

New Growth!

The crew plants seedlings

Seedlings pocket planted into recently rebuilt beds

Weed on the left - Good one on the right in need to check on the names of these

Feeding one of the liquid compost bins

1 comment:

  1. As for the herbs, the 'good one' on the right is Herb Robert - it's a super herb for good health, add it to salads or blend it up in smoothies - get it in you however you can!